Our on the farm “Dunduri” has been in existence for over 30 years. For all of these years, we have, with love and hard work to develop a treatment plant in the tea business.

Today, we apsainiekojam 40 hectares of land so wide of the medicinal plant program.

This year (2020) at our farm you can be proud of the fact that in the us the organic status of the
(in the bio).

We have great follow up from time to time and are modernising the tea in the process.

Our farm is a family-owned company, which itself has been shown that the family is the strength. And in a joint effort and hard work you can achieve a lot.

We are familiar with the two brands of tea

Our farms offer has already been 46 by a variety of herbal teas and are working on new tea, a selection was made. Gradually, are modernising medical treatment plant in production process in order to be able to our health in tea offered to a wider market, because it is the dream to conquer markets all over the world.

Lauku tea
Summer is for sun tea

For our tea with friendly prices, you can buy it


Our herbal teas are of high quality, but relatively good for the price because we want to,
in order for our tea would be made available to a wider range of people.

We have a high quality and friendly prices.