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  About us
Farm "Dunduri", named based on the historical name of the land, the beginning of its activities for more than 22 years ago.

Until 1993, agriculture grew, and sell their products in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad, Moscow region, etc.), as well as in Belarus.

Since 1993, the company started to supply part of the manufactured drug products in the pharmacy network in Latvia.

In 1997, the packaged products amounted to more than 4500 kg per season, including pharmaceutical chamomile, peppermint, calendula, thyme, St. John's wort, valerian, and many other herbs.

Since 1998 the company started to produce eco-friendly supplements.

From 2000 to the present day products are manufactured under the brand name "Dunduri".

During this time, strengthened not only material but also the labour base of the enterprise.

The main advantage of the company lies in the fact that the manufactured products are collected and processed to a greater degree of manual labour.

Constantly being modernized enterprise, introduced modern methods of production of ecologically pure product, in accordance with the standards of Latvia and the EU.

The main company’s modernisation partner - Moscow Institute of medicinal herbs, using their new developments in agricultural technology and for the production of Z/S "Dunduri".


About the founders

Vladimirs Samorodnovs

The founder of  Farm "Dunduri"

In 1974 he graduated from the Kuibyshev Institute, Department of Agronomy, specialising in Agronomy.

From 1974 he worked as chief agronomist of the Rodina Farm, in the Penovsky region, USSR.

From 1976 he managed a department of medical herbs in order to maximise the yield of medicinal herbs and herbal plants at the Pobeda State Farm of medicinal herbs and herbal plants, Moldavia. The produce of which was distributed throughout the former Soviet Union.
After the reorganisation of his department, he worked as a foreman of the brigade of medicinal herbs and herbal plants and specialised in cultivation. A year later he was appointed as chief agronomist of Pobeda State Farm.

In 1981, through an exchange program, he worked as a specialist in the cultivation of medicinal herbs and herbal plants in Vietnam.

From 1982, he went back to work at the Pobeda State Farm, Moldova.

From 1985 he worked as the chief agronomist of medicinal herbs and herbal plants at Sergijevskij State Farm, in the Kuibyshev region.

From 1988 he worked as the chief agronomist at the Dzirkstele State Farm, Latvia, which specialised in growing medicinal herbs and herbal plants. He worked until the abolition of the farm in 1990.

From 1990 he became the founder of the Dunduri Farm.
Vladimirs never doubted the choice of his profession. It is not surprising, looking at his vast experience. The love of nature and plants has helped him create a unique family business.

Vladimir has not sought profit. His main goal is to help people, because the answer to kindness is kindness!


Vera Samorodnova

Z/S "Dunduri" administrator

In 1979 she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute's Faculty of Biology.

Prior to 1996 she taught Biology. She also regularly improved and participated in conferences and seminars and delved into the study of the production of environmentally friendly products.

Since 1996, she started work at family business (Dunduri Farm) and instigated a fully structured process of tea production.

Since 2006, she led the Dunduri Farm and to this day works for the benefit and health of its clients.


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